Mass Casualty Training Serves Multiple Agencies, Areas

Oct 27, 2023

Co-Alliance has focused our community investment into three pillars we believe best reflect our business:

  1. Farm & Energy Safety

  2. Food Security

  3. Agriculture Education & Leadership

When Randy Waltz of the Boone County Health Department contacted our Safety team several months ago asking if Co-Alliance would be able to assist with a hands-on drill focusing on a mass causality event, we knew it was something we could and would support.

Co-Alliance provided the site for the training at our Lebanon LP location. We also assisted in planning in order to make as realistic as possible and practical to what first responders might actually encounter. The training was planned as an act of domestic terrorism, causing an explosion with an anhydrous ammonia leak.  

The drill - and our support of such - serves two purposes:

  1. To tax local, county and state resources in a catastrophic event with a scripted roll play. In real life, an anhydrous ammonia release in Lebanon would overwhelm Fire, EMS, EMA, the 911 call center, hospital, law enforcement and beyond. The purpose of the drill was to get everyone thinking about what they could do better next time, as well as how their current plans, policies, and resources worked.

  2. Our Safety team strives to work with and train with these types of agencies so when real events take place, we already have a relationship with first responders when we arrive and that preexisting relationship allows for quicker response and understanding.

The following agencies participated:
Boone County Communications E-911
Boone County Coroner’s Office
Boone County EMA
Boone County EMS
Boone County Health Department
Boone County Sheriff's Office
Center Township Fire Department
City of Lebanon Fire Department
Lebanon Police Department
Whitestown Department
Zionsville Fire Department
This week on the blog we invite you to take a look at this mass casualty training through a series of photos and one very powerful video of these agencies in action.

We very much appreciate the invitation to support this initiative and appreciate all of the units that attended to improve their response. We believe that victory loves preparation, and this is one way that these agencies can better serve our communities.


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