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Oct 18, 2022


Join podcast host Morgan Seger and Ceres Solutions Chief Marketing Officer Drew Garretson for a sneak peek at this brand new podcast production by Ceres Solutions. 

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The trailer is a quick listen, but this is where we'll store the show notes for our future episodes. 

Guest Bio

Drew Garretson, Chief Marketing Officer at Ceres Solutions, has spent 15 years in the cooperative system serving in roles for Land O' Lakes, Inc. in both ag technology development and digital strategy, working to build a digital business enablement strategy for Ceres Solutions, one of the largest farmer-owned cooperatives in the U.S. He serves as a leader for many civic and agriculture organizations in his community and across Indiana. 


Morgan Seger (00:08):
Hey, what's up everyone? My name is Morgan Seger, host of Field Points. I am so excited that you are joining us for this new podcast production from Ceres Solutions. This podcast is a little unique because we aren't focusing on a niche in any one industry, but rather focusing on how the food, fuel, and fiber production across Indiana and Michigan is contributing to the entire country and the world. I was excited to take this project on because it's a very interesting look into these everyday essentials that we all use. In addition to structuring this podcast in series where we will have three or four episodes all tied together around the same topic, I will also be joined by a co-host for each series. So in those episodes, I will be joined by a subject matter expert from Ceres Solutions. This is going to allow me to go deep and ask those hard questions of the expert guests that we have on our show. We've structured it this way to make sure we are extracting as much value as possible to share with you in every episode. Here's Drew Garretson, Chief Marketing Officer with Ceres Solutions to talk about our first series.

Drew Garretson (01:20):
Our first, our first series is actually about stewardship and conservation on the farm. It's something that series has been a leader in for a very long time. I mean, I can tell you that when you look at the breadth of ag retailers and cooperatives, it's sometimes hard to find the what the what is the role of the ag retailer in that space. And Ceres has just always been a leader in helping farmers make those conservation decisions. We have a lot of resources deployed to farmers to help them implement conservation practices. We, we believe it's the right thing for farmers to do. We, we believe in helping them make agronomically excellent decisions around it, and we continue to invest in resources to help them whether that be people or technology that helps them be successful. So, uh, stewardship, you're gonna hear some, some, I think some really cool, um, stories about how we've helped farmers make those decisions and what, you know, what we can do to, to help them through the process of whether they're just getting started or maybe they're, you know, if they've been doing this a while and they're looking to kind of tweak it here, take it to the next level.

Morgan Seger (02:25):
In our first full episode, I will be introducing you to my first cohost, Sina Parks, who is the area's only dedicated conservation specialist. If you are a grower who has been considering conservation practices on your own farm, or you are a consumer wondering what we are doing in egg to make our practices more sustainable, you will not wanna miss our first series. Tune into field points anywhere you find your podcast and learn more at ceres dot coop.

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