Keystone Heightens Devotion to Rising Talent

May 31, 2024

Keystone Cooperative promotes students’ professional growth by offering specialized internships for students to gain work experience within the fields of their choice. Ranging from media and marketing, sales and accounting, to safety and sustainability; Keystone offers a wide variety of internships to help students build resumes and prepare for their future careers. There is tremendous opportunity in these internships because they are centered on each selected applicant. This allows Keystone to offer tailored experiences to act on our mission of gaining and retaining the top talent in the Midwest. 

Keystone has extended a warm welcome to 23 specialized interns for the summer of 2024. These interns will work alongside our industry leading professionals to learn, grow, and cultivate skills for them to apply in their future endeavors. Each of our newly hired interns will provide invaluable contributions to the success of Keystone and will amplify our ability to remain centered on our farmer-members, our employees and our rural communities. 

See below to learn a little bit about our team of specialized interns! 

Accounting Intern: Ella Garvin 

Hometown: New Castle, Indiana 
Studies Accountancy at Miami University in Ohio 
“The opportunity to work on a variety of accounting and financial projects with a welcoming and encouraging staff encouraged me to work for Keystone. I knew Keystone would give me a great overview of what a career in corporate accounting may look like. I am eager to work on accounting projects related to the recent merger. I am excited to get to know Victoria, the other accounting intern, and other Keystone staff.”  

Accounting Intern: Victoria Weatherholt  

Hometown: Tell City, Indiana
Studies Accounting at Indiana University 
“I wanted to work for Keystone because the collaborative environment and values of learning/growth sparked my interest. I am excited to learn and grow as a professional, and to gain experience in a corporate accounting setting this summer.” 

Ag Tech Intern: Nik Auclair

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana 
Studies Unmanned Aerial Systems and Film & Video Production at Purdue University 
“Keystone was appealing to me because they were looking for a motivated college student to research UAS agriculture applications. They were respectful and kind throughout the application and hiring process! I am most excited to be working with drones this summer!” 

Agronomy Intern: Parker Hacker

Hometown: Belle Union, Indiana 
Studies Public Relations at Franklin College 
“I chose Keystone because of the endless opportunities to grow professionally and personally, while offering the ability to make new connections in your community. I’m excited to learn more about new chemical programs ran on trial and learning from employees around the plant.”

Agronomy Sales Intern: Molley Cook

Hometown: Clayton, Indiana
Studies Farm Management at Purdue University  
“I wanted to work for Keystone Cooperative because I want to be able to find something I am interested in doing for 5-10 years post-graduation and working at Keystone may be one opportunity I would like to take. I am most excited to learn about Ag Sales and to see if this is something I am interested in doing when I graduate from Purdue. I am excited to meet new people and be able to network during the summer.” 

Data Analyst Intern: Reis McMillan

Hometown: Brownsburg, Indiana
Studies Data Science, Applied Statistics, and Math at Purdue University  
“I had worked with Keystone through The Data Mine at Purdue before, and the company seemed to have a great work environment. I am most excited to learn about the data analytics tools Keystone uses.” 

Energy Intern: Samuel Dodson

Hometown: Arcadia, Indiana
Studies Ag Systems Management at Purdue University 
“I wanted to work for Keystone because my dad was a cooperative employee, and I wanted to learn more about the energy side of the cooperative business. I am excited to learn about how our division helps to keep business, farms, and communities fueled and lubricated.” 

Grain Merchandising Intern: Owen Martin

Hometown: Arcadia, Indiana 
Studies Agribusiness at Purdue University 
“A desire to learn more about a sector of agriculture that I had never worked in before, and to work for a household and reputable brand lead me to Keystone. I can’t wait to learn more about grain merchandising this summer.” 

Human Resources Intern: Ella Stevens

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana 
Studies Human Resource Development at Purdue University Indianapolis 
“Growing up in a small, agriculturally inclined town in mid-Missouri, I am looking to learn more about the industry. I was told I would get to see pigs. That is my main goal."

IT Intern: Sara Wheeler

Hometown: Brownsburg, Indiana
Studies Computer Information Technology at Purdue University Indianapolis  
“I wanted to work for Keystone because the team was very friendly, welcoming, and willing to help me learn. I do not have a lot of experience in the field, but everyone on my team has been extremely helpful in teaching me what I need to know. I look forward to learning more about IT and the agricultural industry!” 

Marketing Intern: Anna DeRoche

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Studies Agricultural Communication at Purdue University
“I wanted to work with Keystone Cooperative because of their mission and the fact that they are centered around farmers. I am extremely excited to have multiple opportunities and get a true understanding of many marketing strategies this summer.” 

Public Relations Intern: Jaydon Kauffman

Hometown: Brookston, Indiana
Studies Agricultural Economics and Political Science at Purdue University 
“Working for Keystone has always been a dream of mine because of the positive impact they make in rural communities. I wanted to be able to gain new experiences while working to help others, and Keystone was the perfect opportunity for me to do that! I could not be more excited to work alongside Keystone's incredible Marketing Team to learn more about corporate marketing and public relations. I am new to working in marketing, and I cannot wait to learn more about it!” 

Region 3 Intern: Harley Schleman

Hometown: Fair Oaks, Indiana
Studies Agribusiness at Purdue University  
“I wanted to work for Keystone because this internship would allow me to get more hands-on experience with agronomy. I also love the more personable and team feeling work environment. I am most excited to get to experience the innovative technology in the fields and experience with sales industry.” 

Safety Intern: Caroline Houck

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana
Studies Soil and Water Sciences at Purdue University 
“Keystone’s opening and welcoming environment full of creative minds is what made me want to work here. I am so excited to learn new skills that can help me become a better communicator and well-rounded individual.” 

SEED (Securing Experience + Employee Development) Program Intern: Mary Jones

Hometown: Monroe, Indiana 
Studies Communications & Marketing at University of Saint Francis 
“When I stepped in the office for the first time, I was greeted with smiles and open arms. I instantly felt at home here! I can't wait to meet the incoming SEED hires and watch them start their journey in a groundbreaking program!” 

Student Coordinator: Blake Bailey

Hometown: Winamac, Indiana
Studies Ag Business with a Minor in Crop Sciences at Purdue University 
“I loved my internship last year and believed I could continue to grow my knowledge with another summer with Keystone. I am most excited to improve on my communication skills while building relations and making connections.”  

Student Coordinator: Bryce Wright

Hometown: Fairmount, Indiana
Studies Agribusiness at Purdue University 
“I wanted to work for Keystone because of the opportunities that are available to me right in my hometown. This summer, I am excited to see how I can push myself out of my comfort zone.” 

Student Coordinator: Madison Coates

Hometown: LaPorte, Indiana 
Studies Agricultural Education at Purdue University 
“For the past two summers, I have received the opportunity to be a part of the Legacy Co-Alliance and the community is truly amazing. I also chose Keystone Cooperative because I enjoy being able to help our farmers to become known of what’s going on within their fields and how they should approach certain things that might occur within them. I am looking forward to assisting my region with specialty crops for the Keystone customers. Along with my research project I will be conducting throughout the summer and then presenting in August.” 

Student Coordinator: Marie Gerkin  

Hometown: Cambridge City, Indiana 
Studies Agribusiness: Crop Production at Huntington University 
“Working for Keystone allows me to see more of what the Co-op has to offer and continue to gain experiences in agriculture. I am most excited about getting to do more diverse jobs. As well as work on my individualized project for the summer.” 

Student Coordinator: Olivia Brooke

Hometown: Logansport, Indiana 
Studies Accounting at Purdue University Northwest 
“I wanted to work for Keystone Cooperative because I believe in their mission statement. I interned with the cooperative last summer and it provided so much experience and opportunity I wanted to come back and learn even more. I am most excited this summer to gain more experience in an agricultural environment and to expand my networking through the opportunities Keystone Cooperative provides."

Student Coordinator: Steven Anderson 

Hometown: Fountaintown, Indiana 
Studies Agronomy at Purdue University 
“I wanted to work for Keystone because of the opportunities and certifications that are offered to the interns. I am most excited to be working with the YieldProven trials this summer.” 

Sustainability Intern: Ava Antic

Hometown: Greenfield, Indiana
Studies Agronomy and Sustainable Food and Farming Systems at Purdue University 
“I chose to work for Keystone Cooperative because they pursue pioneering sustainability in agriculture for future generations. Keystone Cooperative also allows me to form connections with growers firsthand in the field this summer. I am most excited to meet with Truterra customers to learn about their no till and cover crop practices across the state!” 

Swine and Animal Nutrition Intern: Lauren Saxton

Hometown: Battle Creek, Michigan
Studies Animal Science at Michigan State University 
“I wanted to work for Keystone to get the experience of working with a new team and further my knowledge on wean-finish operations. I’m super excited to meet new people and work with pigs all summer!” 

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