Keystone's Ag Scouts are Heading Out

May 15, 2024

In the heart of planting season, Keystone Cooperative gears up for our guaranteed support to farmers. We would not be able to accomplish this goal without the dedicated, hard work of our bushel of newly recruited interns! 
This summer, we are proud to welcome 37 Ag Scout Interns, who have been separated into over 100 counties in the three states Keystone calls home.  
With the assistance of drone technology, this passionate team aims to record observations of their findings and collect data from in-field trials. Their work plays a valuable part in identifying diseases, pests, and any other field anomalies that you may face, alongside tracking growth stages and stand counts. In collaboration with their student coordinators and local farmers, our Ag Scouts compile regional summaries and reports of their findings. Remember that during growing season, the Ag Scout Interns will be centered on you!  
Nick Aulbach
Tyler Antic
Jazlynn Bitner
Matthew Brandenburg
Isaiah Brewer
Rhianna Bruursema
Nash Cheslock
Colby Coon
Kailee Cooper
Bryant Crisler
Caleb Gascho
Will Greiser
Kate Groenheide
Tyler Grow
Lincoln Grubb
Clair Helder
Andrew Holland
Ryan Holmen
Joah Huber
James Jasper
Morgan Joyce
Justin Kilmer
Brooke Marcum
Cailey Markley
Collin Martin
Alencio McClendon
Katelyn McMillan
Hannah Miller
Ayden Mench
Drew Noveroske
Spencer Noveroske
Erica Pearl
Dylan Ross
Payton Shaw
Madelyn Stantz
Michael Thompson
Macy Tucker
Watch the video below to hear about what our 2024 Ag Scout Interns are looking forward to this summer!


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