Keystone Cooperative is Centered On Serving Midwest Farmer-Owners

Mar 01, 2024

Indiana-based agriculture & energy co-op Keystone Cooperative has officially begun business operations as of March 1, 2024.

The result of a historic merger between two strong farmer-owned cooperatives, Co-Alliance and Ceres Solutions, the newly formed Keystone Cooperative serves the interests of 20,000 farmer-owners across Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio.

Keystone is centered on the valued relationships with customers, employees and rural communities that have built and grown the cooperative for 100 years. Led by a team of nearly 1,700 employees, the cooperative will serve customers in energy, agronomy, grain, animal nutrition and swine production.

“This is an exciting milestone for farmer-owners, employees, and rural communities,” said Keystone CEO Kevin Still. “We are thrilled to bring together a world-class team as we double down on the longstanding commitment of farmer-owned cooperatives to serve as a trusted business partner, reliable service provider, and steadfast supporter of rural communities.”

With more than 196 local teams serving rural communities across four states, Keystone remains firmly rooted in the cooperative values that have served growers for 100 years. The recently announced leadership structure can be found here.

The benefits of Keystone Cooperative will include enhanced services for farmer-members, improved benefits for Keystone employees, and increased investment in rural communities. Keystone will be focused on creating and delivering the farmer-owned cooperative that is ready to service today and tomorrow’s farm families.

“Keystone represents the next big step toward a vibrant future for Midwest farmers,” said Keystone board chairman, Bill Peters. “Our members voted in overwhelming support of this new organization, and we remain committed to providing exceptional service and return for our farmer-owners.”

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Mar 06, 2024
In landmark support, Keystone Cooperative has deepened its commitment to the Indiana FFA Foundation by donating $40,000 to the organization in 2024. As the farmer-owned cooperative remains centered on the rural communities it serves, this gift signifies its increased commitment to youth agriculture education and leadership across the state.
Feb 01, 2024
Keystone Cooperative announced new and increased responsibilities for several key leaders that will build upon the strong legacy of the cooperative and position it for future success.
Jan 10, 2024

Indiana-based agriculture & energy cooperatives Ceres Solutions Cooperative, Inc. and Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc., announce today that both boards and memberships have overwhelmingly approved the merger.

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