Keystone Cooperative Announces Leadership Positions

Feb 01, 2024

Keystone Cooperative announced new and increased responsibilities for several key leaders that will build upon the strong legacy of the cooperative and position it for future success.

As previously announced, current Co-Alliance CEO Kevin Still will become the President & CEO of Keystone Cooperative.  Jeff Troike, current CEO of Ceres Solutions, will move into an Executive Vice President role alongside Co-Alliance’s current EVP, Scott Logue. 

In their Executive Vice President roles, Jeff Troike & Scott Logue will oversee Keystone’s four divisions, which will be led by:

  • Eric Adair, Vice President Energy, will head up this division and focus his efforts on continuing to grow the business and operational efficiencies within it.
    • Todd Masten, Vice President – Liquid Fuels, will lead the liquid fuel team in growing farm, retail, commercial & municipal gallons.
    • Mike Hayden, Assistant Vice President – Propane, will step into this role and seek opportunities to enhance Keystone’s LP market position.
  • Doug Whicker, Vice President – Agronomy, becomes the lead of the agronomy division and will continue to drive growth in the business through superior customer service and employee expertise.
    • Brock Frasch, Assistant Vice President – Agronomy, will lead the division’s efforts in operational excellence, enhanced efficiencies and agronomic insights.
    • Emily Thrasher, Assistant Vice President – Procurement, will step into the role of managing the division’s overall crop input procurement, supplier relationships and market positions for crop nutrients, crop protection, seed and value-added products.

  • Tom Blackwell, Senior Director – Grain, will lead the division and focus on bringing increased capacity, quality, and reliable market access to Keystone’s farmer-owners.

  • Dewey Bucher, Vice President – Swine & Animal Nutrition, will focus on increasing this division’s feed production, swine ownership & management for the cooperative’s members.
    • Nathan Hedden, Assistant Vice President, will build the division’s capacity to serve contract growers and enhance production efficiencies.

In addition to these leadership roles, Keystone is also announcing the following leadership responsibilities:

  • Doug Brunt, Senior Vice President – Strategy & Operational Excellence, will be responsible for Keystone’s strategic plan development and capturing synergies across the organization.
    • Phil Brewer, Vice President - Strategy, will focus on the budget and strategy of Keystone, while also coordinating the company’s asset management team.

  • Rodney Graham, Senior Vice President & CFO, will lead Accounting, Information Technology and Finance & Credit teams.
    • Scott Osborne, Vice President - Accounting, will be responsible for working alongside the accounting team to ensure a seamless transition to Keystone Cooperative.
    • Jeff Griffeth, Assistant Vice President - Technology, will lead the Keystone IT department, serving employee and customer technology needs. 
  • Elizabeth South, Vice President – Legal, Safety & Insurance, will ensure the Keystone team and customers are operating safely and minimizing risk for the organization.
  • Amy Kinsler, Vice President – Sales, Marketing & Communications, will lead teams dedicated to amplifying Keystone’s farmer-owners voices and delivering an unmatched customer experience

  • Angela Hudgins, Vice President – HR & Talent Management, is focused on delivering upon Keystone’s goal of being the employer of choice in today’s marketplace.
  • Drew Garretson, Vice President – Public Policy, Sustainability & Innovation – will focus Keystone’s efforts on the opportunities to further refine and develop its approach in all three arenas.

“Keystone’s Senior Management Team will be responsible for guiding the new cooperative through the collaboration of the merger and preparing for the needs of future customers.  I am excited to work alongside this team of strong performers to bring the best of our legacy cooperatives forward, delivering increased market share and outstanding products and services, while staying focused on the customer experience and dedication to our local, rural communities.” said Kevin Still, President & CEO.

Keystone Cooperative will begin business officially on March 1, 2024.  The cooperative represents a merger between Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc. and Ceres Solutions Cooperative, Inc.  The cooperative will have four divisions including Energy, Agronomy, Grain, and Swine and Animal Nutrition: operating in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.

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Mar 06, 2024
In landmark support, Keystone Cooperative has deepened its commitment to the Indiana FFA Foundation by donating $40,000 to the organization in 2024. As the farmer-owned cooperative remains centered on the rural communities it serves, this gift signifies its increased commitment to youth agriculture education and leadership across the state.
Mar 01, 2024
Indiana-based agriculture & energy co-op Keystone Cooperative has
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Indiana-based agriculture & energy cooperatives Ceres Solutions Cooperative, Inc. and Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc., announce today that both boards and memberships have overwhelmingly approved the merger.

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