We See You, Farm Wife

Sep 30, 2022
We see you farm wife, waking before the rest of the world to meal prep breakfast, lunch and dinner, ensuring no one operates on an empty stomach today.

We see you farm wife, trying to reason with the stubborn (where do they get that?) child that they must attend school, regardless of what field Dad is going to open up today. This is the first week of harvest; there will be plenty of combine rides in the weeks ahead.

We see you farm wife, missing obligations for which you bought a new blouse because someone needed hauled across the county to a piece of machinery. Your schedule isn't by your own design, but rather an accumulation of gestation cycles, 4-H meetings, sports schedules, parts deliveries, vet appointments and salesmen visits - none of which belong to you.

We see you farm wife, heart sinking every time you hear sirens in the distance. We understand your heart is operating large equipment and working in grain and we understand the worry that accompanies this lifestyle we so dearly love.

We see you farm wife, stopping by the nursing home to visit your father’s best friend, when you’d give absolutely anything for one more visit with your dad.

We see you farm wife, investing a small fortune in paper plates, plastic cutlery and saran wrap to get you through the next three months. We also see your Pinterest board full of "Field Meals". You were born for this. 
We see you farm wife, praying. Praying for your family, your land, and their future. Praying for doors to open and rain to hold off. Praying for healthy herds and healthy doctor reports. Praying for strong markets, strong fences, and strong kids. Praying for our Country and for your grandkids who will one day have to clean up this mess. Praying for the best friends you haven’t found time to see in person in two years and also the women that drive you absolutely crazy, bless their hearts. 

We see you farm wife, keeping close watch on fuel prices, coupons, the radar, and obituaries in the newspaper, knowing that you may be called to react to any of the aforementioned at any given moment. 

We see you farm wife, phone running out of storage because you tried to record the Friday night football game and send it to the field so Dad and Granddad wouldn’t miss seeing the home team come back from 14 points down and winning the game.
We see you farm wife, latching every gate, closing every door, rolling up all pick-up windows, double checking hydrants, keeping track of all syringe caps, monitoring the toilet tank ensuring it fills properly, cleaning out pockets in the laundry room, and double checking the oven and stove top. Because we know your nightmares entail what could happen if any of the above were neglected. 

We see you, farm wife.
And we admire you,
your grit and grace and your ability
to keep all the wheels turning while being a partner on the farm.
We could not do any of this without you.  


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