We See You, Farm Kid

Oct 15, 2021

We see you, farm kid, breaking your neck from the school bus to watch the farmer make a pass down the field and daydreaming about when it's finally your turn for a ride.


We see you, farm kid, packing 10 pounds of snacks in a lunch box in order to ride with Dad for two hours. We also see you asleep in the buddy seat 30 minutes later.


We see you, farm kid, coming up with every excuse to skip school in order to run the grain cart, talking tirelessly to convince your parents you’ll learn more in that cab than in a classroom.


​We see you farm kid, picking Orville Redenbacher, Norman Borlaug and Temple Grandin as your top choices for the book report, living history exhibit and science fair project. You know genius when you see it


We see you, farm kid, not complaining about the excruciating football practice after a terrible loss because you know being at home, launching bales in the hayloft, could always be worse.


We see you, farm kid, telling people over and over (and over) again that the only thing you want to be for Halloween is a farmer or rancher…for the seventh year in a row.


We see you farm kid, balancing band, FFA, 4-H and youth group and still making it a priority to sit down and visit with your grandparents. 


We see you farm kid, growing your courage and curiosity every single day. We hope your curiosity will always thrive while you’re on the soil of this farm. We also hope for no broken bones. 


This harvest season is sure busy, but we see you making us proud. You have dreams, goals and wild ideas that give the rest of us hope for the future.


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