Thank You, 4-H

Oct 08, 2021
We’re wrapping up National 4-H Week. 
Trust us, we didn’t forget about it; we were just super busy starting our project books for next year. (HA!)
You’d be hard pressed to find a Co-Alliance location that doesn’t have an employee that attends the county fair to watch a 4-Her they’re quite fond of, perhaps a child, grandchild or neighbor. 
Our employees are passionate about 4-H because they, too, grew up reciting the pledge, wearing the show numbers, throwing away burnt cookies hours before submission and getting extremely nervous when it was their meeting to give the demonstration.
4-H taught us a lot about how to read a feed label, how to ration the $5/day allowance into 4 snow cones and an elephant ear, and how to meet kids from across that county that would become lifelong friends. 
Perhaps the greatest thing we learned from 4-H is the value of a simple hand-written thank you note. 
We may have been forced to write them as youth, but today the value of a hand-written thank is not lost on those who learned such an art through 4-H. 
Co-Alliance values and shares each one we receive, as we hang them on display in our kitchen for all to see. 

We'll share just a handful from this year.





This National 4-H Week we salute the organization that encouraged us to pledge
“My Head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service and My Health to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world”
And, write a thank you note to show sincere gratitude.  


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