Photo Friday : Boots on the Ground for Kentucky FFA Chapter

Oct 29, 2021

When it comes to big experiences out in the middle of nowhere, we deliver.


There was no better way to kick-off the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis than welcoming the Johnson Central FFA from Paintsville, Kentucky to our Indian Trails Ag Center, where we offered them boots-on-the-ground (or, in the cab!) experience in driving a sprayer, TerraGator and a Trident spreader.



This group of students were well-engaged, asked plenty of good questions and were very polite.


Doug Quear, Indian Trails Ag Center location manager, had the ag center ready to go for the group of 25, offering three large application machines for the students to drive (with assistance!).


We showed them our advanced dispatch system to continually improve efficiencies and best serve our members.


We also engaged with the high schoolers through a tour of the facility.





Cody Volz gave an engaging presentation on precision ag technologies and drone use.


The Indian Trails ag team also fed the group a full meal while Lindsay Sankey, marketing specialist, gave a presentation on how to create opportunities for yourself.


The National Blue and Corn Gold may have taken over downtown Indianapolis this week, but we’re so thankful for the opportunity to spend some time with the FFA members on our turf, teaching them all the ways we proudly serve growers.   



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