Pork & Monetary Donation to Benefit Housing Center

Nov 25, 2022
Our Reynolds Feed team stepped up in a big way recently, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Through Indiana Pork we were given the opportunity to donate $500 worth of pork products to the organization of our choosing.

The team selected Lafayette Transitional Housing Center as the recipient and on November 14 they delivered the product.

Lafayette Transitional Housing Center is the coordinated point of entry and initial assessment for anyone experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis in Tippecanoe County. The organization understands that those experiencing homelessness don’t have to be stuck in the cycle forever, and there’s a solution beyond going to a shelter. Together, they hope to end homelessness one person at a time.

The Reynolds team also elected to match that amount in cash, donating $500 to the organization.

Pictured are Beth Garrison with Lafayette Transitional Housing,
and Co-Alliance employees Brooklyn Hill, Tyler Fledderman & Lauren Bush

Co-Alliance values security as one of our three pillars of giving:
  • Agriculture Education & Leadership
  • Food Security
  • Farm & Energy Safety
We’ll continue to work to find areas of need in our trade territory. Thank you to the Reynolds Feed team for organizing the donations and being a valuable part of our team and community.


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