Still Honored with Certificate of Distinction Award

May 06, 2022
On Saturday April 30, Co-Alliance President & CEO Kevin Still was honored as a 2022 Certificate of Distinction Award winner at the annual Purdue Ag Alumni Fish Fry. The award recognizes those who have contributed significantly to agriculture, forestry or natural resources through professional accomplishments, activity in professional organizations, community service work and other activities that make the honorees a credit to their profession. The Certificate of Distinction is the highest honor presented by the Ag Alumni Association.

It turns out, you can bleed out-of-state black and gold and still win such an honor; Kevin is a University of Iowa graduate. And “Even though” Still is an Iowa graduate, a nominator for the Certificate of Distinction said, “he truly exemplifies what it means to be a Boilermaker. He seeks to improve or enhance something or someone to its full potential. He has been assertive toward innovative ideas that have moved the Indiana agricultural industry forward.”

By the early 1990s, farmer-owned cooperatives could boast of a century of progress. But financial fault lines were showing, and Kevin knew it.

“Kevin Still is a visionary who has the incredible ability to lead in the agribusiness industry,” wrote another nominator. “Co-Alliance Cooperative has thrived because of Kevin’s strategic direction and innovative ideas.”

A former general manager of Pulaski County Co-op, Kevin was president and chief executive of Midland Co-op from 1989 to 2002. He engineered a series of mergers and consolidations that created Co-Alliance, which he has led since 2002. Nearly a 1.5 billion dollar cooperation and one of the nation’s larger farmer-owned input supply cooperatives, Co-Alliance is based in Avon, Indiana, and has more than 1,000 employees and 80-plus locations in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. It deals in energy, agronomy, grain marketing and swine/animal nutrition.

Members of the Senior Management Team present to celebrate Kevin, L - R:
Amy Kinsler, VP OF Sales & Marketing; Scott Logue, Executive VP; Doug Whicker, VP of Agronomy; Kevin; Phil Brewer, VP and Chief Strategy Officer; Kevin McGuire, VP of Grain; Mark Baldwin, former VP of Agronomy; and Todd Masten, VP of Energy

“Early on, Kevin realized that farmer-owned cooperatives were going to need to adapt and grow if they were to remain competitive in a rapidly changing agricultural business environment,” a nominator said. “Change was essential if these farmer-owned businesses were to continue to provide the benefits to farmers that they had made possible for decades.

Such mergers/consolidations are very challenging to execute.

Directors present at Fish Fry to honor Kevin, L - R: Bill Peters, Tim Burke, Kevin, Allen Mohler, Greg Gore and Gregg Alexander

Kevin also strongly believes in investing back into Indiana’s rural communities. Annually, under Kevin’s guidance Co-Alliance gives back over $400,000 to agriculture education programs such as FFA and 4-H, ag and energy safety programs, and food banks to ensure communities stay fed and healthy. Under Kevin’s sound and servant leadership, Co-Alliance has implemented Cultivating Communities, a program which encourages employees to volunteer 8 hours of community service to a non-profit and in return Co-Alliance also donates $100 to the same organization of the employee’s choosing.

 VP of Agronomy Doug Whicker with his father, David Whicker, and Kevin. David Whicker is the former Midland Cooperative CEO.
Kevin’s roots were planted in the Drummer silty clay loam soil of Illinois but his unrivaled passion for agriculture, service and leadership has a long and remarkable history here in Indiana. He is completely devoted to the progress of agriculture and to the success of America’s farmers. He is fervent about giving Co-Alliance farmer-owners a consistent voice and representing the ag and energy industries enthusiastically.

Most importantly, Kevin with his family:
Son Allen and daughter-in-law Cami, wife Anne, Kevin, daughter-in-law Jen & son Michael

Watch the video below to learn more about Kevin and his nomination.

Congratulations, Kevin, and on a well-deserved honor!

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