Applicators of the Year Announced

Mar 18, 2022
If you want to see grit embodied, look at a Co-Alliance applicator.
This week we pulled together a group of our greatest assets as a company, our applicators, for applicator training to ensure the men and women running our large machines are current on technology, regulations and expectations.

This group of employees are the face and the feet of Co-Alliance. They are responsible for accurate and safe application of thousands of acres across state lines. They are responsible for traveling the rural – and sometimes urban – routes, keeping a sharp eye on those they share the road with. Oh, the stories they could tell of careless and dangerous drivers! They are required to stay current on all certifications, education and safety requirements. They answer any call made when an application is considered. These men and women do an incredible amount of work on Co-Alliance’s behalf!

We also recognized our Applicators of the Year. The purpose of this program is to reward individuals in each of our regions, show our tremendous appreciation for their hard work, precision and dedication and also create friendly competition.
How do they win?
  • Must be a 20,000-acre qualifier, can be liquid, dry or a combination
  • Claims and Safety Record, as well as quality of work, are all considered
  • Applicator must provide location and regional support,  such as help train newer applicators, work with other branches to get work done
The winner receives $2000 cash, 2 bonus vacation days, and a commemorative plaque and jacket! Runner up receives $500 cash and a commemorative plaque.

Without further delay, let’s introduce our winners! It should be noted that regions 5 and 6 did not participate in the 2021 contest due to the merger. They will be included in 2022!

Region 1 Runner-up, James Sherrill
James has been an applicator with Co-Alliance at Bainbridge for 12 years. He is committed to giving customers the best service possible. James is passionate about the safety of fellow employees as he has been the safety coordinator at the Ag Center. James serves as the Assistant Fire Chief at the Bainbridge Volunteer Fire Dept.

Region 1 Winner: Ralph Bell
Ralph has been with Co-Alliance for 15 years at Danville Ag Center. He is always looking to find the next project and is a GREAT mentor to younger employees. Prior to Co-Alliance, Ralph worked for Plainfield Correctional Facility for 25 years. He also is a Vietnam Veteran, serving in the US Marine Corps.


Region 2 Runner-up: Sean Johnson
Sean (Deano) started with Co-Alliance in 2012 at Kempton Ag Center. He runs a terra gator with a multiplier and a JD 4830. Sean is a good welder and the go-to mechanic at the location. He helps train other employees at the location. Sean is the proud father of 2 girls and likes to fish everyone chance he gets.

Region 2 Winner: Ty Breedlove
Ty has worked for Co-alliance at Herbst for 8 years. He started out as a general laborer and has spent the last several years running a Case 4020 and Patriot 3330 until recently he got a 4440 with 120’ booms. Ty also helps out in the fall running a custom ammonia bar. In his spare time, he enjoys Volkswagen cars, hunting and fishing. Ty says he didn’t want to forget his girlfriend, Cristen who helps him be successful.
Region 3 Runner-up: Shane Frey
Shane grew up on a farm in Remington, Indiana that raised corn, soybeans and hogs. Shane has worked for Co-Alliance for 3.5 years. He leads their DOT truck inspection by making fleet safe and looking good.  He enjoys working on cars and gardening in his free time, which he will have less of because his wife is pregnant with twins.


Region 3 Winner: Chase Planck
Chase has been an applicator at Co-Alliance for 3 years. His favorite things about working at Co-Alliance are running equipment, especially the new Hagie STS12 and doing maintenance when not in the field. Chase applied over 50,000 acres in 2021 and enjoys hunting in his spare time.


Region 4 Runner-up: Gilbert Morales
Gilbert started with Co-Alliance at the Schoolcraft Ag Center 5 years. He came with some application experience as he had worked for a large farm in the area. Gilbert currently slip seats between a dry and liquid rig. He is currently engaged to Jenna File and they are the proud parents of daughter Josie. Gilbert is a key part of the success and growth at Schoolcraft.

Region 4 Winner: Aaron Villicana
Aaron has been an applicator for Co-Alliance at Union Mills  for 7 years. Aaron is proud to be the lead applicator at his branch, He is very conscientious and knowledgeable about details and the details of his position. Aaron is the go-to IT person on the applications machines. He maintains his 2014 3330 sprayer very well according to the Jenner mechanic. Aaron is a local guy who recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend. In his spare time, he is the caretaker of the Union Mills Cemetery.

Congratulations to these individuals and a sincere Thank You for the many hours and attention to detail they put into our business. We would not be the business we are without each of them and the talent they bring to the table.


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