Father's Day On The Farm

Jun 18, 2021
Father’s Day on the farm can be tricky. It’s a day to celebrate a man who typically doesn’t enjoy the three things that encompass the holiday:
  1. Being the center of attention
  2. Celebrations when there is work to be done or
  3. Receiving Hallmark cards that make his nose burn, his eyes water and a mysterious tennis ball develop in his throat.
Father’s Day on the farm can also be tricky for the rest of us. What do you buy a man who has everything? Or, at least knows how to use bailing twine and WD-40 to fix/create whatever he needs?
It’s our experience that dads usually want time with the ones he loves, rather than another tie he’ll only wear to the funeral home.

So, we encourage you, if you’re so fortunate to still have the opportunity, to visit dear old dad and spend some time with him doing what he loves this Father’s Day. Maybe that’s side dressing corn, working in the garden, taking a nap (I wish my dad loved to nap), watching a baseball game or even sitting in the pew with him at church.
If you do feel so inclined to get him a card, we’ve written a few that made us think of your dad. Feel free to text one to him:

I know all you want for Father’s Day is your 3/8-inch ratchet and socket, but I’m still looking for it, too. Maybe next year. Happy Father’s Day.


By stopping the planter to come to my 6th grade graduation you demonstrated your love. By getting back into it after the ceremony you demonstrated your work ethic. Thank you. Happy Father’s Day.


Dad, you taught me the value of give and take. Like when you gave me the keys to my first truck, then took them away for two weeks a year later. I liked give better. Happy Father’s Day.


Thanks for not killing me when I mowed over the giant rock that’s been in the hayfield since the beginning of time. I appreciate it. Happy Father’s Day.

Every day on the farm is an adventure with you. Mostly because you store nuts, bolts, nails and more in a series of 450 unlabeled coffee cans and we never know what we’ll find when we open one. Happy Father’s Day.


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