Photo Friday: Swine Show Support

Jul 21, 2023
We've traveled countless miles so far this fair season and asked dozen of kids to finish this sentence:
4-H is _________________________.

Our reasoning for doing so is yet to be seen (stay tuned!!), but we can tell you that so many have answered by saying, "4-H is the best part of summer!"

Well that summer is cruising right along. We've been to numerous swine shows to visit with exhibitors, cheer from the stands and take many photos and videos of swine kids in action. 

We believe in the power of the 4-H organization in the opportunities at affords the youth in our communities and we're excited to sponsor these swine shows. We understand how hard these kids have worked.

In 2023, we are sponsoring 36 swine shows across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio to demonstrate our support of each kid who works hard on animal husbandry and protein production.

This week on our blog we feature a photo Friday which offers a brief glimpse of what we've been up to so far this summer. Take a look:



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