12 Things Learned at the County Fair

Jul 15, 2022
We’re in the heart of county fair season.

The chaos of this time of year is not lost on us. Neither are the lessons. Some of the best memories exist because of time spent at the local county fair. This week want to share with you

12 Things Learned at the County Fair
  1. Sweaty dollar bills which have been in a heated pocket for six hours will spend the same as a dry, crisp dollar bill. But we’ll let you decide what the sno-cone man prefers to receive.
  2. It is during this week that show numbers, registration papers and health papers are held in higher regard than the third child's birth certificate.
  3. If you pack a cooler full of pop and water for the week, you might save enough money to afford to participate in this livestock project again next year.
  4. Sheep are continuously looking for ways to die during county fair week. Keep especially close eye on these rascals.
  5. The icing on the cake decorating project isn’t nearly as tasty as it appears. Don’t ask how we know this.
  6. Kids are watching adults closely this week. So, when you return to the show box and bad mouth the judge, you're teaching them how to discount anyone who ever offers them constructive criticism and giving them permission to do the same. Don’t do it.
  7. You may hate the shavings in your jeans now, but just wait until you’re still finding them in your dryer vent in October!
  8. Leave early enough for project submission that you don’t have to take the train tracks at 65 mph. Your sand art project will thank you.
  9. Make sure you try on showmanship jeans at least 72-hours prior to the show. Those pants have a way of shrinking overnight on kids this age.
  10. The water pressure at the wash rack is never going to be what you want it to be. It’s time to let that dream go.
  11. The best way to thank a judge (even if you get buried in 4th place) is with a firm handshake and eye contact. Who knows? That same judge may offer you an internship in 5 years.
  12.  Some of the best memories of your life will take place this week. Don’t blink. (But maybe take a nap at some point.)

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