Co-Alliance Recognized by CountryMark for Outstanding Energy Sales & Service

Jan 07, 2022
Our cooperative and the people who power it were recently recognized by CountryMark for our achievements in liquid fuel, lubricant, and grease sales and service during the 2021 CountryMark Awards Banquet.
Co-Alliance was recognized as CountryMark’s largest distributor of CountryMark branded fuels for the 2020-2021 promotional year! We received this award for delivering more than 95 million gallons of premium quality CountryMark fuels. 

During the program, 18 of our Petroleum Sales Representatives were recognized for their achievements in delivering premium quality CountryMark fuels, professional-grade CountryMark lubricants, and CountryMark grease products. Additionally, five of our Sales Specialists were recognized for their collection of new sales of CountryMark fuels and lubricants. Doug Henderson was recognized for earning more than 2.2 million gallons of new fuel sales in the past sales promotion year. That achievement earned him the number one fuel sales award for CountryMark-branded Sales Specialists. 

Co-Alliance Petroleum Sales Representatives John Ruemler and Matt Evans were recognized as two of only six CountryMark 2021 Triple Crown Winners. Triple Crown Winners must deliver fuel, lubricants, and grease all at CountryMark gold levels. Ruemler achieved this highly coveted goal by delivering 1.5 million gallons of fuel, nine thousand gallons of lubricants, and 27 thousand pounds of grease. Evans earned this award by delivering 1.9 million gallons of fuel, 16 thousand gallons of lubricants, and four thousand pounds of grease. 

Co-Alliance Energy Admin Manager Paula Fry was recognized as CountryMark’s 2021 Petroleum Professional of the Year. This award honors a hardworking individual in the CountryMark cooperative system who has gone above and beyond in their job duties to make an impact on their company, community, and the energy industry. You may remember our blog about her!
CountryMark hosted its annual awards banquet in Indianapolis with 10 farmer-owned Midwestern cooperatives in attendance and we were so proud to be a big part of it.

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