2023 Harvest Elite Winners Announced

Dec 01, 2023
This week we announced our 2023 Harvest Elite yield contest winners. At banquets held in Richmond and Lafayette, more than 200 gathered to hear who would be taking an all-expense paid tropical trip because of their yield performance.

This yield contest is comprised of innovative, competitive growers to who actively seek solutions for better yield, year after year. 

What does it take to be in Harvest Elite?

Take a look at the 2023 recap!


This week on our blog we have two videos that help tell our Harvest Elite story for 2023. First, we invite you to see the faces of Harvest Elite members on the day they officially recorded their 2023 yield results!


And finally, we present to you our 2023 Winners! Watch below to see yield results of the winning growers. Congratulations to all on a record harvest!

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