2023 Applicators of the Year Recognized

Dec 15, 2023
They show up early and leave late, allowing them to take the most incredible sunrise and sunset shots.

They don't find the humor in the, "Are you outstanding in your field?" jokes, because if they're out standing in a field, there is something wrong with the machine.

When they hear 'seasonal' they think of hours logged, not Hobby Lobby home decor.

They wear Carhartt every day, and did so long before it was trending on TikTok. 

If you want to hear some real alarming stories about how the public drives on a daily basis, ask these guys.

They know the value of nozzles, wind speed, drift zones, rates, property lines, and precision better than anyone in the business.

‚ÄčTo put it simply: They are the ones that get the job done. 

This week we recognize our 2023 Applicators of the Year. We offer sincere thanks for the long hours they log to ensure the crop thrives and the customer is taken care of. 

Luke began his career with Co-Alliance as a YieldPRO intern during the summer of 2021 where he really began to have a strong interest in agronomy. Following graduation from the University of Arkansas, he immediately returned to Co-Alliance to begin working full-time and has excelled quickly.
Luke began running a sprayer posting soybeans and applying soybean fungicide. As fall came around, he operated a 3-bin VRT dry machine and applied 32,000 acres across fall and early spring.  As spraying began, he utilized his diverse background to quickly become an exceptional applicator. Throughout the spring and summer, he sprayed 29,000 acres which brings his yearly application total to 61,000 acres.  He applied these acres at a very high level and did so while assisting two other new sprayer operators at the location. 
Luke resides in Thorntown, Indiana where he enjoys hunting, being outdoors, riding horses and has been found helping his little sister prepare and show her horse at several horse shows.
He is a highly valuable member of the Co-Alliance team and is always willing to help others and maintain his equipment at a high level.

Joshua began his career at Co-Alliance almost 10 years ago. He received his Certified NH3 Training and continues to lead by example today during the NH3 season. He acquired his RT license and runs both dry and liquid tender trucks. Joshua attended the Raven classes and began running a Terragator Dry machine in 2017. He has been running a John Deer sprayer since he obtained his Category 1 license in 2021. He obtained his CDL Class A license to be able to drive semis to haul product to the fields and to the plant.
Joshua and his wife live in Anderson, Indiana where they have 4 children together.
We are very fortunate to have Joshua as a strong asset to Co-Alliance.


Chase has a passion for running farm equipment which is why he chose to join the Co-Alliance team four years ago. He enjoys the opportunity to be out in the field and working closely with our farmer-owners. Chase takes pride in everything he does and makes sure it is done safely, efficiently, and accurately.
In three years, he has applied over 140,000 acres, dry and liquid. He is a team player and always willing to help where needed. He can be found at his agronomy location assisting with repairs and maintenance and helping get ammonia to growers.
Chase likes to stay busy so when not at the agronomy location you may find him helping his uncle farm or spending time outdoors hunting and fishing.
Chase is now a two-time Applicator of the Year and we are proud to have him on the team!


Ethan began his career at Co-Alliance before even crossing the stage to receive his high school diploma. Finishing high school a semester early is just one example of his dedication to achieve his goals.
Whether it is at his home agronomy location or another branch he is always willing to jump in to help where needed. So much so that that last summer he joined the Buchanan team to help run their dry rogator for two days to ensure they could get the job done to help their customers.
Ethan is no stranger to agriculture as he grew up on his family farm and was actively involved in FFA. He served as his chapter FFA Treasurer, received his Chapter Degree, his Discovery FFA Degree, was on the state winning forestry judging team, and received the Star Chater Greenhand award. Also, while in high school he was in a welding vocational program where he received a welding certificate which has been highly valued at his agronomy location.
Ethan is such an important part of the Co-Alliance agronomy team and he brings so much value to Region 4.

Tom is no stranger to the cooperative system as he began his career in it 35 years go. He runs the liquid and dry applicator across acres on the east side of the state. He has applied fertilizer this past fiscal year to nearly 20,000 acres and sprayed 14,700 acres. He has been married to his wife for 40 years and together they have one son and four grandchildren.
Besides his work at Co-Alliance, he is a beekeeper, producing and selling honey. He is also involved with his wife’s custom embroidery business.
Tom plays a key role for the Co-Alliance agronomy division and has done so for many valuable years!


Danny calls the Buckeye state home where he and his wife raise their three daughters. He began his career with Co-Alliance in 2014 where he began applying ammonia. He eventually obtained his custom applicator license with categories 2a, 2c, 2d, 15c. He also obtained his Class A CDL. He runs the John Deere sprayer and spreader. He also helps with driving trucks to deliver products. 
This past September this winner was promoted to the Operations Manager to help train fellow employees and increase efficiencies at his agronomy location.
Danny plays a vital role in Region 6 and we are proud to have him on our team!


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