2022 Harvest Elite Winners Announced

Dec 16, 2022
This week we announced our 2022 Harvest Elite yield contest winners. At banquets held in Richmond and Lafayette, more than 200 gathered to hear who would be taking an all-expense paid tropical trip because of their yield performance.

This yield contest is comprised of innovative, competitive growers to who actively seek solutions for better yield, year after year. 

What does it take to be in Harvest Elite? Well, the qualifications are short but the opportunities are endless:

Annually this group gets together for exclusive events, industry leading information and a little (or a lot of) friendly competition. The winners are awarded a banner to hang in their shop and a trip to Rivera Maya.

2022 Recap:

•39 Weighs
•Average Yield 83.54 BPA

•53 Weighs
•Average Yield of 272.23 BPA


We have photos of all runners-up and winners - including yield, varieties and brands - on our Facebook page, but below you'll find the Brand Champions. Check out the banners to see the details of the winners!


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