We Are Co-Alliance: Emilio Galicia

Dec 03, 2021

Sometimes stories surface through normal, day-to-day business conversations, and inspire in such a way, you just know they must be shared. When we consider doing a profile on employees for our We Are Co-Alliance series, the story of Emilio Galiciais is certainly one worth telling.


Emilio Galicia has been an employee of Co-Alliance for ten years, and during that time he’s been a feed truck driver at our Reynolds feed mill. His day-to-day work includes loading his truck, delivering feed to swine contract growers, and returning to Reynolds to do it all again in order to service the next customer. His work doesn’t end there, as he’s also responsible for preparing and maintaining records in accordance with regulations, operating his truck to the highest safety level and keeping biosecurity at top-of-mind.



Emilio delivers the feed
to feed the hogs
that go on to be processed
and finally feed the people.

So when you drive by the Reynolds mill and see the “Helping Farmers Feed The World” banner, you can believe Emilio delivers on that promise.


Emilio’s personal story is certainly what sets him apart. Since he’s joined our team, he has become a United States Citizen. In fact, the team at Reynolds would spend many lunch breaks reviewing the citizenship test materials and quizzing Emilio so he would pass the test of a lifetime.

And he did.

We appreciate so much about Emilio and his drive to do the very best. We invite you to watch this video to learn more about him, his story and hear from Emilio himself.


We are so proud to have Emilio on our Co-Alliance team!




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