2021 Top 10

Dec 31, 2021
As we prepare to take down one wall calendar and hang another, we thought today was the perfect time to look back the outstanding year we've had as a cooperative. This week on the blog, we present to you Co-Alliance's Top 10 List for 2021!
10. State Fair Runs on Co-Alliance Sponsorships and Support
Co-Alliance really energized the 2021 Indiana State Fair multiple ways, including supplying the fuel and biodiesel to the tractors which will haul thousands of fairgoers from one side of the fairgrounds to the other, and also providing propane to the numerous food vendors. We also proudly fueled the hot air balloons that launched on opening day. On the livestock side of the event, we provided back tags for all livestock exhibitors and also sponsored the Celebration of Champions.

9. 19 Directors Announced
In March our 19 directors were officially announced, giving them the responsibility to represent the cooperative business, acting as the voice of the shareholders. These directors represent 9 districts which service customers in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. The function of the Board of Directors is to evaluate the overall direction and strategy of the cooperative business.

8. 43 Interns and Field Scouts Grow in Summer of 2021
During the summer of 2021, 43 college students accepted business internships and field scouting positions with Co-Alliance. This allowed these students to get boots-on-the-ground understanding of our business functionality, aspirations and in-depth agronomic insight. We had a wonderful group of students join our team for a couple months and enjoyed working with them. The future is bright!

7. Still Elected as Chairman of CoBank Board
In December Co-Alliance CEO Kevin Still was elected as the Chairman of the CoBank Board. Kevin has been on CoBank’s Board of Directors since 2002. CoBank is Co-Alliance’s principal financial institution and, with a book of over $155 billion, CoBank is one of the largest private providers of credit to the U.S. rural economy.

6. Malden Named Largest Retail Fertilizer Hub in US
A $20 million investment paid off in a big way for our Malden Ag Center, which was recognized in October for being the largest fertilizer retail location in the nation for 2021. Total fertilizer sales, including dry, liquid and anhydrous products, was 60,500 tons this year. That's up from just 20,000 tons five years ago. The 2021 volume places the Malden location at the very top of the industry for retail fertilizer sales, as measured by the Agricultural Retailers Assn. 
5. Co-Alliance Cooperative Ranked #10 on CropLife’s Top US Ag Retailers
In 2021 Co-Alliance’s growth and success was recognized nationally when we were ranked #10 on CropLife’s top US Ag Retailers. This is a list we’ve not previously been on and we’re excited to join the ranks. Companies included in the 2021 ranking were limited to independent dealerships and cooperatives offering four main product categories: fertilizer, crop protection products, seed, and custom application services.
4. Nearly $500,000 Donated to Local Communities, Including $41,000 in Scholarships
Our farmer-owned cooperative is deeply rooted in the communities which we serve and we believe greatly in investing in our communities by providing financial support to the organizations that instill leadership values and agriculture education, provide food security and promote farm and energy safety. In 2021 we donated nearly half a million dollars back to rural communities through various organizations and awarded $41,000 in scholarships to local graduates.
3. Co-Alliance Named CountryMark’s Largest Retailer
Co-Alliance was recognized as CountryMark’s largest distributor of CountryMark branded fuels. Co-Alliance received this award for delivering more than 95 million gallons of premium quality CountryMark fuels. Paula Fry (pictured below, in the center of her family) was also recognized as CountryMark’s 2021 Petroleum Professional of the Year. This award honors a hardworking individual in the CountryMark cooperative system who has gone above and beyond in their job duties to make an impact on their company, community, and the energy industry. It’s a big deal!

2. Grain Rescue Tube Saves a Life in Urban Noblesville
On July 6 our North Crops manager, Tom Barfield, coordinated a lofty donation of a grain safety tube to the Noblesville Fire Department. On Saturday, July 17 a construction worker became trapped in a trench when the ground beneath him gave away. The Noblesville Fire Department was dispatched, and the donated grain rescue tube was utilized to stabilize and rescue the man. How incredible that piece of equipment designed on serve in on-farm rescue in the middle of rural America saved a life in an sprawling metropolitan area.
1. Co-Alliance and Harvest Land Merge to form Co-Alliance Cooperative
In January 2021 both sets of boards and memberships of Harvest Land and Co-Alliance overwhelmingly agreed to merge and on February 1, 2021 that merger became official. We now have over 900 employees providing unmatched customer service to more than 10,000 farmer-members and $1 billion in sales.

What a year!

We wish you a very happy and safe new year.

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