Food Security Initiatives Hit Hometowns

Aug 18, 2023
During 12 days in the spring, Co-Alliance employees donated a total of $15,480 out of their personal pay checks to combat hunger in the places they call home. The Planting The Seeds For Food Security program was developed to invite employees to play a key role in ending hunger in their communities. Co-Alliance matched that initial amount, and through a series of grant applications, Land O’Lakes also matched the funds raised.
We’ve been busy this summer delivering checks to local organizations that specialize in food and resource security. Our employees have been instrumental in vocalizing where there is a need, identifying the specific need of the area, and then making these check presentations.
It has been highly valuable to see our employees take such a key and personal role in this program. This would not have been possible without them!
While we are not done distributing the funds we collected, we wanted to give you an update on the areas served thus far:

Crosspointe Biker Church
Connersville, Indiana
Fayette County
Check presented by Jimmy King, Julie Lamberson (not pictured), and Tina King

FISH Choice Pantry
Greenville, Ohio
Darke County
Check presented by Matt Sullivan

Lapel Community Food Pantry
Lapel, IN
Madison County
Check presented by McKayla Mohr and Dave Vansickle

Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank
Noblesville, IN
Hamilton County 
Check presented by Chris Adams
The food bank has directed this donation directly to the Meating the Need program that buys cattle and swine from the Hamilton County 4-H Fair and provides ground meat in one-pound packages to the food banks throughout Hamilton County.

Hendricks County Senior Services
Danville, IN
Hendricks County
Check presented by Caleb Wedemeyer and Lisa Edwards

Shalom House
Lebanon, IN
JD Hoffman and Brian Hoffman

Keep an eye out for more donations made later this summer!

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