To Make the Best Better with 10-Year 4-H Members

Aug 19, 2022
Over the last ten years, three United States Presidents have been in office, approximately 19 million acres of farm ground has been lost to development, and the corona virus has changed life as we know it.
But more important than any of those historical tidbits is the fact that some seriously amazing kids have spent the last 10 years learning how to make the best better through the 4-H organization.

As the summer of 2022 draws to a close, we salute 10-year 4-H members and stories they’re writing because of the 4-H organization. These students have attempted and completed countless projects, learned invaluable skills, and experienced things that they will carry with them forever. They’ve learned how to fail with grace and win with grit. They’ve learned how to try again to find a better way. They’ve discovered their confidence, their tribe, and their talents.

Co-Alliance values everything about the State Fair. But we find it easy to look past the crowds and corn dogs to find the most important people on the grounds: the 4-Hers.

Co-Alliance made a commitment to spend a portion of our time at the Indiana State Fair sitting down with 10-year 4-H members and visiting about their experiences over the last decade. What a sincere joy it was to hear from these seventeen and eighteen-year-olds how 4-H has impacted their lives, made them better people, and shaped them into the fine young people they are today.


If you watch the evening news and feel discouraged about the future, don’t. Instead, you should listen to our latest podcast and hear all about the bright young minds that hold the future. Co-Alliance is confident: We’re in great hands.
Take a listen here: 


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