The Road Not Taken with Jason Roth

Aug 05, 2022
All words that are regularly spoken while Jason Roth, Co-Alliance’s agronomist, delivers agronomic solutions throughout Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. But in the time that he’s logging the miles and making farm visits, he likely will never tell you about the reason he left the family farm. Or that he was in ministry for seven years.  Or that he once went dumpster diving to find the things he needed to prepare for a stint in Alaska’s brush.
So that’s why we’re here.
That is why we couldn’t wait to sit down with Jason on Cultivated, a podcast delivered by Co-Alliance. Like the husk on an ear of corn, we found that Jason’s story has many layers that have developed him into the husband, father, follower, and agronomist he is today.  To say Jason Roth's path to becoming Co-Alliance's agronomist is unconventional would not be a stretch; in fact, it may be an understatement.

Jason was raised on his family’s dairy farm in Michigan. We could totally tell you about this place (and he does on the podcast), or you could watch this 2-minute video that the local Michigan co-op put together and filmed on their farm.  

Jason, age two, with older brothers in the calf cart, being pulled by his Dad (1984)
Unloading haylage into silo (1999)
He loved growing up on the farm and the many experiences if afforded him, but Jason also knew there was part of him that longed to spread his wings. So, he did.
Jason & wife Emily at Purdue football game when on staff with CRU (2007)
Jason attended the University of Michigan, and Purdue University. While studying under Purdue’s legendary faculty, he was also on staff at Campus Crusade for Christ. For seven years Jason was in ministry, living his life so that he may lead others to a relationship with Christ. He still does the same today.
 Jason with street kids in india (2010)
His studies took him to Alaska and India, seeing parts and people of the world that would forever change the trajectory of his life. In fact, it was the transformational summer spent in the Alaskan brush that made him realize the immense value he placed on people and conversation. Through this time, he ended up changing his major at the university. 

Today, Jason is a dedicated father of three, and his agronomic experience serves his family well as his wife homeschools their children, often having Jason teach the science lesson. Every day seems to be a new, exciting adventure outdoors in pure Michgan.

In this blog we cannot adequately tell his story, but we can share a few photos that will help put images with the experiences he speaks of. We truly encourage you take 30 minutes and listen to the conversation we had with Jason. It is certain to leave you encouraged and looking at your friendly Co-Alliance agronomist in a whole new light. 

Jason & Emily on an elephant in India (2010)

Of course, we won’t leave you without education; Jason also offers his agronomic expertise and advice as we march ahead in 2022.

Have a listen:



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