Summer Intern Reveals Top 5 List

Aug 13, 2021
This week we’re handing over the blogging keyboard to Hannah Deno, who has been our (fantastic) marketing intern for the last two summers. We invite you to read all about Hannah’s experience and her Top 5 list! 

Having the opportunity to intern for Co-Alliance for the past two summers has been nothing short of amazing. Growing up in a community where Co-Alliance had a huge presence and being a Solutions Scholarship recipient my senior year of high school, I always had some interest in the company. When looking for internships my sophomore year of college, I am so glad I took the chance to create an opportunity for myself within the marketing department with Co-Alliance.


Starting my first year off during a pandemic, I was worried about how much I was going to learn and if I was headed down the right path. I truly enjoyed the tasks I was given and the people that were mentoring me and knew that returning for a normal second summer would benefit me greatly.

Here are the top 5 things that I have learned during my time at Co-Alliance.

1.Work Hard + Adapt to Change
Starting my first summer in the middle of a pandemic was not ideal, but I was able to make the best of the situation. I quickly learned that many different things pop up unannounced and you just have to roll with the punches. It is important to stay organized and be patient as some projects may move in and out as scheduled and some may come up on the fly and you have to do your best to get everything completed in a timely fashion. But if you work hard and complete your tasks, someone will notice, and it will benefit you in the long run.

I created this logo for Endeavor Ag & Energy which a joint partnership between Co-Alliance and Ceres. 
2.Not all skills are learned in the classroom
Some experiences and opportunities you just cannot receive through formal education. I have had the opportunity to have some great mentors during my time at Co-Alliance and they have taught me so many things that college has not. Learning graphic design and getting hands on experience has been my favorite part of my internship. I have grown my design skill set vastly and can attribute that to my experiences at this wonderful company.

Co-Alliance Intern Tour Day at Scircleville Grain.
3.Be a Sponge + Soak up Everything
Through my experience at Co-Alliance, I have been able to learn skills other than just marketing. I was able to see different parts and learn information about the specific divisions of the company. I had many opportunities to go and take pictures of different events and things that Co-Alliance is involved in and at every one of those events I was able to learn more about who Co-Alliance is and what they are involved with.

I designed this trailer for the energy team. 

4.Developing a Brand
Many of my summer projects revolved around the Co-Alliance brand. With the merge of Co-Alliance and Harvest Land everything really needed a new and updated look. From the first project I was given to the ones I have completed towards the end of the summer I was able to create a brand standard that could be carried throughout all projects. I had the opportunity to see the things that I created be put to use and show off the look of Co-Alliance.

This logo will be used for the upcoming Agronomy Kickoff meetings.

5. Have Fun + Enjoy What You Do
I have had so much fun the past two summers with Co-Alliance. The more fun that work is the more exciting it is to go to everyday. I always look forward to going into work to create new things and finish old projects to then see all my hard work pay off. I also found that getting to know co-workers and developing relationships with them is a key to making work more fun, because the people of Co-Alliance are truly the best.

This internship has taught me that design is what I am good at, and what I hope to make a career out of.
I cannot thank Co-Alliance enough for the opportunity to intern in the marketing department the past two summers, as I have grown both professionally and personally.

If you are a college student reading this or someone looking for a great job experience, I encourage you to check out Co-Alliance to see if they have an opportunity that fits for you.

Learn more about Co-Alliance internships by clicking here. 


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