Taking Risk For Greater Reward with Amy Kinsler

Apr 08, 2022
Co alliance has been a part of the fabric of rural communities for many years, and that's only because of the people associated with our nearly 100-year-old cooperative.

In 5 or 40 years no one will talk about the products we sell or the current price of propane but they may very well still talk about the 2017 growing season or a colorful character that once worked for the Co-op.

People always prevail.

We are so excited this week to launch Cultivated, a podcast Delivered by Co-Alliance, which will dig deeper into the stories of the people that make agriculture and energy in the Midwest so rich. We will have real conversations with Co-Alliance industry partners, member-owners, and employees, discovering more about your local neighbors and community friends.

We chose to name this podcast Cultivated because our efforts will be in digging up conversations that reveal the very human connections behind the co-op. Cultivated will be breaking new ground when it comes to finding excellence in the ordinary. Afterall, the best story is rarely the one you set out to tell, but it’s always what the listener wants to hear. So, we’re going to Cultivate. We’re going to prepare a place to ask those questions that will foster dialogue and insight.

The value of human connection and conversation has never been more evident. I hope you'll join us on this journey as we unearth fascinating stories, memorable lessons, and much needed laughs through conversations with the people connected to Co-Alliance. When it comes to connecting people and communities to the Co-op, We Deliver….as we Cultivate. 

We are thrilled to bring stories and conversations to you that will hopefully encourage, entertain, and enlighten.
Because at the end of the day, aren't we all just a story waiting to be told?
Our inaugural guest is Amy Kinsler, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Co-Alliance.

Work/life balance is a true juggling act for Amy. As a professional woman in agriculture she works in ag retail throughout her day, then returns home to meet her calling as farm wife and mother – and horse enthusiast! Her passion for agriculture and local communities has led her to a position where she can use her talents and sense of humor to enhance both areas, daily.

In this episode, Amy shares how her career has developed through the years and credits her personal growth to a growing, supportive network. She capitalizes on her on-going passion for the cooperative to be a resource to help family farms stay in business and if the longevity of the family farm interests you, you’re going to enjoy this episode!
We invite you to subscribe to Cultivated where ever you listen to podcasts.
Take a listen!



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